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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 3. Hopeful.

I went to the doctor. I waited two hours past my appointment time to even get to a room, then another half an hour or so to actually see the doctor. I seriously need to find another doctor-- the waiting problem happens every single time I go there. But, I like my doctor, and I go so rarely that I usually manage to forget about the horrible waiting until it happens again.

At any rate, the first thing she said was that it's very likely that I have a thyroid problem. That, and rheumatoid arthritis, which as I said before was one of my big fears. But, she said the thyroid problem would explain everything that's been going on with me lately- insomnia, fatigue, depression, weight gain, the works. She did bloodwork today and will call me next week to decide the next step. As for the possible rheumatoid arthritis, she basically said she wanted to check out the thyroid problem first, and that it's possible that it could also explain some of my pain.

I'm feeling both relieved and hopeful, which I don't image most people feel after being told they may have two medical problems to deal with. Even though a diagnosis will mean medications and other treatments, it's a start. And, if that one diagnosis explains all the things that are dragging me down lately, that would be great- we can start with treating one problem and the rest will start to get better, too. ::big sigh::

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Blubbery Blogger said...

I can understand how a potential diagnosis may feel liberating. I just hope that whatever is wrong, can be fixed! I hate, hate, HATE having to wait so darn long at the Dr's office. What is up with that? My husband is a doctor, and he said the longest a patient has EVER had to wait was 20 minutes. Why can't they all be like that!? ;)