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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crazy Month

It's been more than a month since I've blogged here, and what a crazy month. My five year-old daughter was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes (AKA:Juvenile Diabetes) and consequently hospitalized. She's fine now, just adjustting to life with a chronic disease. If you're not familiar with Type I versus Type II, Type I means that the person will be dependent on insulin for the rest of their life. Nothing she ate or did caused this- it just happens.

This change also means that my entire family now becomes carb counters. For my daughter's diet, we have to track every gram of carbs she eats. Obviously, this means that I'll have a pretty good idea of what the rest of us are eating, too.

So, I'm still here. Still making efforts to improve my own diet, made much easier by the need to carefully monitor my daughter's.

Positives and Negatives so far today:
- I couldn't resist the two leftover yeast rolls this morning and had them for breakfast. Yeast rolls and sourdough bread are almost irresistable to me!
+ We went to Target, where sometimes the kids and I get a fountain drink as a treat. I was happy to see that they have a "light" lemonade, which my daughter can have.
- I still got myself a large Mountain Dew. I really didn't need it, but I wanted it pretty badly!
+ We found that mini fruit roll-ups are a great low-carb treat (9 carbs each) for DD.

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Sarah said...

I think one thing you and your husband will notice is that as counting her carbs you will be counting yours and will see weight loss :) This is how I have always managed to loose weight, by counting carbs which as you know is a must do for diabetics.

I am sorry you have had so many surgeries, I had no idea.